mistercomb asked:

Hello!! I was wondering if that Sailor Moon watercolor you recently posted would be available to buy online as a print? I don't normally buy prints, like at all, but I really really really like your art ((and sailor moon lol)) and I'd very much like to support you/be able to hang that up on my wall, ahaha. Thank you!

Oh man, thanks!

Now that I know that there’s interest I’ll probably try to kick myself into selling the left-overs after Tracon. (And maybe some of the other stuff I have lying around as well, I have SO MANY POSTCARDS & I want to get rid of these 3 year old prints and comics oh god)

is that a cowboy witch


I had to google the character and he was nowhere near as cute as your sketches :<

omfg how dare u 

he looks like an angel… corpse… ♥_♥
(i have to draw him more gross though you are right)


Anonymous asked:

I feel so useless sitting here. What can I do to help Ferguson??